Thursday, 14 January 2010


This week has been a busy one around here - not a lot of events or gatherings, but three fairly momentous occasions have happened in just the last two days.  Yesterday William started rice cereal.  He obviously does not like the taste, as he begs, in his own way, for the spoon, but screws up his face after he gets the cereal in his mouth.  (any suggestions on how to make/find a one-grain cereal that doesn't taste icky?)  We're starting with just about a teaspoon at a time in the evening, and we'll move up the measurements as William seems ready.
Today was occasion for two "milestones"  -  William can sit unsupported for more than 6 seconds at a time!! I'm still not comfortable enough to let him go on his own, so I sit behind him, my legs acting as the "cushion" for when he tips over...but I am very excited about this development. 
Today's second event was significantly messier - as I was changing his diaper, he peed...don't get me wrong - he's done that before, but today he peed on his FACE!!   I had read about this happening, but never really expected to see a wayward stream hit William in the face.

Before William was born, I expected to be marking milestones like "first word", "first steps", and "first tooth"... I never imagined "first time peed in his face" or "first taste of lumpy white goop".  Ah the sophistication of motherhood. ♥


  1. That's funny! They are "firsts" nonetheless:) AJ hated rice cereal & it made him really constipated, so we did oatmeal...slightly less nauseating smell & taste! He loved it...I mixed it with br*stmilk or formula to make it more appealing to him before he could have any veggies or could try it!

  2. Aw. My kiddos are 5 & 6 and somehow I've blocked those first years and can't remember anything. I would be happy remembering any kind of milestones right now. Cherish the moment. Someday, when he is potty training, there be new milestones about pee.

  3. oh my word yes, peeing on their face, I had forgotten about that one. I have tow boys but they are 15 and 18 now, so it's been a few years!

  4. LOL! I love the "sophistication of motherhood" comment!

  5. Oh its so much fun to be a mom - to get to NOTICE those milestones that most people pass on by. They are milestones. Every new day is a new adventure for them, isn't it? So amazing to be able to not only observe but participate in their journey. I need to go hug my girls now. =)

  6. It is funny to see the things you keep track of (and talk about) as a mother.

  7. I chuckled to myself when I read this because my youngest is potty training right now and he was devastated the other day when he missed the potty and hit the floor! It only gets funnier with boys.

    Thanks for sharing your milestones with us. Hang on to each and every one. :)


  8. Aw, the joy of little boys! I am just impressed that you have gone this long before an incident like this. Our first son did it in my husband's face the first time he ever tried to change a diaper! Oh, the stories I could tell with 3 boys!

  9. We're celebrating the "little girls can't pee in your face" time here! I remember Gabe peeing all over his face, with his mouth open !!! Ewwww...
    Anyway, Eden started food too now. She got rice, oatmeal, applesauce, pears, bananas, and peaches down so far. She's not a big fan of straight fruit right now, so I mix it with the cereal and she opens right up! (small hint, rinse the bib right after you're done feeding him, it'll last longer without looking like one big stain).
    Does William roll over? Eden does not, but she can move around on her back and on her front ... hmmm.



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