Friday, 5 March 2010

A Happy List

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It's been a big week - 

1) Last Friday I had my scope done - it didn't end up being a camera, like I thought, but you can read about the results HERE.

2) Friday through Sunday was our first weekend away from William since he's been born.  He stayed with my parents, and had a great time.  And so did we!  It was wierd, though, not to have to think about what time he ate last, whether he needed a diaper change.  I did miss all the cuddles, though.

3) Last Saturday was Focus on Marriage, where I learned a LOT about apologizing, forgiveness, bitterness, and releasing hurts to God. And I've received so much Grace in this area this week.  Healing has been happening, for SURE.

4) Sunday we sold my car!  Andrew had promised to get it sold by the end of February, and before church on the 28th, a friend from church took a test drive and agreed to the price we were asking!

5) Sunday afternoon, my family gathered at my parent's house to enjoy Mom's cooking and a Men's Hockey Olympic Gold!  What a joy to celebrate a national victory with my family.

4) This week Andrew has been working a regular-hours day shift job at the railway.  He's been home every evening, and the "weekend" for this particular job is Friday/Saturday!

5) I baked bread this week - from Scratch!  Read about it HERE.

6) Today we are going to the bank to pay off a loan - in its entirety!  I'm really excited about this, even though it sounds pretty mundane.

7) This evening my sister-in-law is coming over so I can pass on my maternity clothes! I'm looking forward not only to getting them out of my basement/closet, but to watching her grow in the joy of motherhood.

8) Tomorrow my littlest sister is coming to visit! She'll spend Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning here, the first to use our guest bedroom [although, I admit, she's bringing her own sheets...we haven't any and no money for them, either!].

What's on YOUR happy list?


  1. What a great list! So glad you and Hubby had some time away. I enjoy keeping my Grandchildren for our children to have a little time away. It's good for everyone! And, I think paying off a loan is HUGE! Kudos to you! Blessings for a great week-end!

  2. Stopping by from Rachel Anne's...

    Nice list!--It's SO important for a husband and wife to spend time away from the children--good for you AND good for the children. Keep it up!

    Glad your week was good.
    Jamie (I tried to comment with my url, but a warning popped up that said my OpenID credentials could not be verified.)

  3. Looks like a great list! Have fun with your sister. :)

  4. I agree! Looks like this week has been great for you. I can't wait until the next time my husband and I can be by ourselves. Homeschooling really makes me miss alone time

  5. What a wonderful happy list - so much to be thankful for! Isn't it great to look back over a week and see God's abundant provision - and perfect timing! Enjoy your company and the sense of accomplishment that comes from reaching even small financial goals!

  6. Great list! So important to keep these happy things at the forefront of our minds, isn't it?

    We're having a date night tonight and I can't wait!

  7. Fantastic list! I love this idea!

  8. whoa you have a lot going on! that's a great list

  9. Your list made me smile. :) What a good idea. I know I always feel better when I count my blessings!

  10. Well, goodness...I think paying off a loan is a major cause to celebrate! getting away with your hubby for a special time is certainly a bonus! Glad you had a good week!

  11. Doesn't it feel wonderful to get rid of debt??!! Awesome! You got lots done this week. Inspiring! So glad you and your hubby got some time away. We rarely get that around here. So important!
    Have a great weekend!

  12. Sounds like a great week! Enjoy the visit with your sister! I hope you have a great time.

    I LOVE home made bread, especiall the way it makes the whole house smell. Unfortunately, the carbs don't like I don't get it often.

  13. great list!!! paying off that loan will feel sooooooooooo good, nothing mundane about that!



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