Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!

I pray that 2010 is a year full of blessings and grace and growth.

2009 was quite the year - Andrew's and my wedding and relaxing honeymoon in Vancouver, Amy and Dave's wedding, my uncle's wedding in Boston, the birth of our precious baby boy, the birth of 1 nephew and several friends' babies, my Aunt and Uncle's 25th Wedding Anniversary, my grandparents' 50th, and my parents' 25th (between the three of them - 100 years of marriage celebrated this year! What a testament to God's grace.) Andrew and I moved to the 420sqare foot apartment, painted it, and moved out again - into this amazing blessing of a townhouse. 
We have celebrated great things together, and we have endured some hardships - but through all of it, God has shown Himself faithful.  We are so blessed.

Normally, I don't make resolutions when the calendar flips to a new 4-digit date.  This year, though, I'm finding that I need a little extra motivation on some things I've tried and failed to start over the last few months. order to have just a little bit of accountability on those resolutions, I'm going to list them here. 

I decided to break them into categories, and keep them simple, in hopes that simpler things are more attainable.  We'll see how it goes, I guess.

Personal Health
* exercise 30 min 3x per week
* eat 4 fruits/vegetables each day
* drink 3 glasses of water each day

Spiritual/Intellectual Health
* 15 minutes of devotions each day
* 15 minutes of reading each day - novels, non-fiction, whatever - blogs don't count.
* learn to use my sewing machine effectively

Family Health
* two uninterrupted 15 minute periods of play with William every day
* help William settle into a more stable sleeping routine
* have date-night once per month (probably I will draw heavily from Love, Actually for inspiration)

Hopefully, between categorization, managable time-periods, and a printed copy on the wall, I can achieve all of these. 

What are you hoping to accomplish in 2010?

On the Menu: soft-shell tacos and leftover chicken-fried rice

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  1. Happy New Year and the best with your sane and sensible goals! What are mine? Well, like yours, mine are categorized and I'm still working on writing them down. I process these things slowly but it's all coming together and I feel good about it. Perhaps I'll write a blog post about (some of) them when they are done! Some are a bit racy for the blog--but you never know! :)



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