Saturday, 17 July 2010

whew! Haven't been here in a while! 

Things have been busy - cleaning and planning a kitchen, paint colours, and budgets for an apartment in my in-law's house (we're moving in at the end of August); sanding and painting our $35 kijiji desk - can't wait til it's finished and I can post a picture or two; tidying and re-tidying for showings of the house we're in now; I started a new job - working 2 mornings a week at our church as the administrative assistant; joining church committees; mourning Holland's loss at the World Cup with my family; visiting my sister-in-law and her pond; chasing William up the stairs (man, he can move!); and preparing to start as a Tupperware Sales Consultant.

Busy busy.  But all good stuff (well, except that whole world cup thing - but time spent with family was wonderful).

I hope to come around a bit more often in the next while.  It's good to stop and reflect, instead of always pushing on, on, on.

'til then.

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