Monday, 19 October 2009

Second Thoughts

Andrew and I have been planning a major life-shift in the form of a move to the south, towards Burlington/Waterdown/Hamilton.  We would be moving back to my home to be closer to my family.

In the last week I have been having serious second thoughts, though.  Alliston has become my home.  I know my way around Alliston and the surrounding towns.  I am developing friendships with women at church.  We have tons of family support on Andrew's side.  We have a church we feel a part of and we feet at home in.  With Andrew's work uncertainty, we have my teaching job at the Christian School guaranteed for at least one year. 

I think at this point, my greatest hope is just to get out of this teeny tiny apartment with loud neighbours on one side and smokers of illegal substances on the other.  I would love a place with a big enough living space that I can let William down on the floor without moving the coffee table; a place with a big enough kitchen that I could prepare food without having to stack things out of the way first; a place where all of our living room furniture will fit in the living room; somewhere we can actually have people over. 

First we need to find gainful employment that will pay enough to support our family of three.

On The Menu: Whole Chicken in the Crock Pot, potatoes, and green beans. mmmm.

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