Monday, 5 October 2009

Fighting It

It's amazing how, even at 6 weeks old, we can be found fighting the things that are good for us.

I watch as William's eyelids droop, heavy with the sleep neither of us enjoyed during the night.  They droop, but they never quite drop.  Before they can close fully, my son wills his eyelids up again with intention: he will not go to sleep right now.  He grunts and kicks and tries to maintain focus on whatever shiny thing is in his line of sight - exercising his small ability to hold on to wakefulness.

I, too, fight the things that are good for me: I don't like to exercise - fearing exhaustion, I prefer cookies to carrots - choosing what seems sweet now with no regard for the nourishment of healthy foods, and I resist the spiritual change I need - worried that what I have to give up will be greater than what I receive.  So often we exercise our ability to hold at bay the things we need because we are afraid we will miss out on something, or we are afraid it might be painful, that we'll be on the losing end. 

Lord, help me to embrace the things that are good for me.

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