Thursday, 1 October 2009

Change on the Horizon

Andrew came home from work last night with some disappointing news.
Starting in November, his hours at the home for developmentally delayed young men are being cut.

When Andrew started work at this home in January, it was supposed to be a temporary refuge in the Canadian Pacific storm - he had been laid off from the railway on Christmas Eve.  The three-month contract he received was great - overnight shifts 5 nights a week.  He would work while I slept, and sleep while I was at work.  He was averaging 43 hours per week on this schedule, and financially things were quite stable - even with a wedding and a baby in the works.
At the beginning of the summer Andrew's shifts were changed to accommodate a co-worker's failing eyesight and inability to drive in the dark.  The change included a 10-hour-a-week decrease in working hours. We were down to 33 hours per week and a significant drop in take-home pay.
In November, due to budget cuts across the district, Andrew's hours are being cut again.
This time he's losing 9 hours per week, and we'll be down to just 24 hours each week.

And so, our lives are taking a turn.  Andrew will need to look for a job that will offer better hours and therefore better financial security for our family.
We've been planning a move south toward Waterdown for some time now, and I think we'll be looking for that new job (and an apartment) closer to my extended family.

Change is coming.  Lord, help me accept the change with grace and patience, relying on You to provide for my little family in this uncertain time.  I'm trusting You.

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