Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Best of Intentions

My old friend Mel had a baby girl 6 days before I had my little man.  Today she started on a "30-Day Challenge" she laid out for herself and whoever would join her.  I am not able to begin the second component right away, because I had a C-Section and have a little more recovery time before I am able to get up and at 'em with any kind of vigor, but I think that I will join her in her attempt.  An accountability system and some external motivation may be just the thing I need.

Mel's challenge has three components:
1.  Spend 20 minutes with Jesus every day, getting into the word, praising, and praying.  Strengthen, deepen, widen, more fully rest in Him.

2. Spend 20 minutes exercising every day.  Getting rid of the "jelly belly" as she calls it.  I have affectionately named mine "mister squishy".

3.  Eat better.  In order to quantify this for myself, I will say I want to include at least 1 serving of vegetables at both lunch and dinner each day.  I will also make healthy menus ahead of time and shop in accordance with the nutritious meals I have planned.  And then I will not ignore the menu and order in instead.

As an additional incentive for me, I am setting up this blog - it is my intention to set aside time to write while I enjoy my morning coffee.

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