Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Brief Update

...still here!...

I've been away from the desk for a while now, while my husband was off work for more than 2 months with a back injury. But he went back to work at the buttcrack of before dawn this morning, and our lives are back to our regularly scheduled chaos.

Yesterday, I was able to get some sewing in.  I found this 'tent' on Pinterest:

...and decided I needed to do something similar for my Wiggle. He has a "nook" in his room, where his bed used to be, but we rearranged, and for less than $20, I bought a tension rod and a flat sheet I could cut up to make "curtains" from.

It felt really good to accomplish something creative like this.

We've also been busy clearing out some of our spaces, decluttering, and just paring down a bit on the things we have to focus on the things we actually need and/or use. We've been reading (I just finished the 2nd in Steig Larsson's The Millenium Trilogy, "The Girl Who Played with Fire", and have re-started George RR Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series, in anticipation of the fifth and final book which is slated to release July 12th.), doing lots of playing with the Wiggle, I've been working, both at the church and at my Tupperware business, ...things have been busy, but now that Andrew's back to work, things will likely slow down, since we can never count on his being home.

What have you been up to? Read any good books lately?

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