Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Everyone loves to save money, right? I sure do. I've been watching those Extreme Couponing shows on TLC, reading blogs about money-saving, and articles on how to get the most bang for your buck. I had never really tried to save a considerable amount of money off my grocery bill, though. I expected it would be way too much work, or that the cashier would turn me away for using "too many coupons" or some other ridiculous scenario played through my mind, but today I had a great set of coupons, acquired with a little work, and a lot of help from MrsJanuary and we did a little Walmart shopping saving.

We managed:
1x bag Romaine Lettuce - $2.50 (-$1.50 coupon from cereal box) = $1.00
2x Fibre Plus Cereal - $2.97 (on sale) (-$1.00 coupon from free sample) = $4.94
1x cookies - $3.96
1x 4L milk - $4.47
6x ziploc sandwich bags - $1.48 (on sale) (-3x $4off when you buy two found at mrsjanuary.com) = MADE $3.12
1x Frozen yogurt - $4.77 (-$4.77 coupon from cereal box) = FREE
2x SmartOnes soup - $1.37 = $2.64

Before Coupons: $33.26
After Coupons: $13.99 (saved 58%!!)

Have you done any great couponing lately?

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