Monday, 2 August 2010

This Week's Eats


August is the month our budget starts to feel the squeeze, so this week I have $25 plus whatever is in my fridge and cupboards to feed the three of us.  (Asterisks indicate, for my own reference,which meals will need ingredients in addition to what I have on hand.)

Monday: Butter Chicken with broccoli, served over rice 

*Tuesday: Crock Pot Roast, potatoes, garden salad

Wednesday: (Leftover) Roast Beef Sandwiches

*Thursday: BBQ Chicken Breast over veggie pasta, garden salad

*Friday: (potluck birthday party) - Cocoa-Coated Popcorn

Saturday: Self-Serve Dinner


  1. I really like this Heather. I am following a simplify your life challenge right now and menu planning is a serious issue for me. I plan dinner at the grocery store and at 5pm as I am making dinner. I love that you through in leftovers and the potluck. I'll be watching these posts. Do you post shopping lists too? :)

  2. How'd ya do that for $25? And how'd ya get Andrew to stop eating so you could have left overs? Man. I need some shopping lessons from the expert it seems.



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