Sunday, 16 May 2010

I'm a Scheduled kinda Girl living an Unschedule-able Life

Normally, I can be prepared for the "unexpected" work phone call.  CP Rail is like that.  We deal with the 24-hours-on-call stuff and celebrate small victories like landing a "regular shift" once in a while - something with a guaranteed weekend.  Like this week.  Andrew got "forced" to a Honda job, here in town.  Three to five hours a day, 8 hours of pay, and Saturday/Sunday as the weekend. 
Earlier this week, though, the OLD boss called, and asked Andrew to possibly do a relief shift today.  An ex-colleague got married last night, and the house might be short-staffed.  Andrew said, "probably, let me know the hours."  We found out the hours.  This morning. at 9:02.  The hours?  9-9 today.  A friend was supposed to get back to Andrew to let him know the details.  But forgot.  And lied about to save his own butt. 
So I got dressed up, made up, cleaned up, only to miss Bible study and church, and to be left carless and carseat-less for 12 hours with no food in the house, and a bunch of cleaning to do before a showing of the townhouse between 6 and 7 tonight that we've gotta be scarce for.

Plus, I burned my tongue, the underside of my tongue, and the back of my throat on the perogies I managed to scrounge up for lunch.

I am not good at dealing with the very unexpected.  When I have plans, I'm not able to quickly and easily shift those plans.  I get angry.  I shouldn't, but it's how I deal. 

What a grumpy day.

**UPDATE** Mom (and Dad?) Stewart are taking us out to Swiss Chalet to get us out of the house.  (Thanks Mom!)  I guess I'd better get to that cleaning.

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