Monday, 14 December 2009

A Weekend of Spoiled Surprises

I had a single idea for a gift for my husband. One. Single. Idea.  An electric razor was going to be the perfect gift - at the high end of the price range we had agreed to, something I know he's wanted to try, but wouldn't purchase for himself, something he'd actually use, and something that, in the long run, would save us money, since we won't constantly have to replace blades or buy shaving cream.

Yesterday, we were visiting his parents, when his mom comes out of the laundry room with the.exact.model I was looking at purchasing.  Box open, she pulls out the unit and asks if Andrew would like to try using an electric razor, and should she wrap it up for him for Christmas.  OUCH. I stood there, waiting for my heart to hit the floor, but it just kept dropping, no end in sight. 

Andrew also had a great gift planned for me.  His sister, Abby, had recently acquired a new sewing machine from her Aunt Brenda, and her old one (a Janome JS1004) was up for grabs.  Andrew had arranged to give that one to me for Christmas (hooray!), and they had agreed on my in-law's house as a sort of "transfer" point - she'd drop it off, and he'd come pick it up later, as we were in Waterdown for the weekend.

When we came home from my parent's house on Saturday evening, however, there was a message from Andrew's dad on the answering machine (which, of course, I checked, not Andrew), stating that this sewing machine had appeared on his kitchen table, and could someone please come and get it, as he was trying to keep the kitchen clutter-free.

So now we're both out the "perfect gift", and yet, still receiving them both. 

I actually get to have the sewing machine immediately, so this afternoon I'll be off to find appropriate bobbins and some non-dollar-store thread, in an effort to make one of William's gifts (a fabric ball) and finally some coasters for our living room.  Hopefully I can find some appropriate fabric for those coasters.  AND I can get to work making up some more personalized/appliqued onesies.

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