Saturday, 14 November 2009

Personalized Baby-Wear

Haven't taken much time to post recently...I've been making moving arrangements, starting to pack, napping, playing with an ever-giggly baby boy, doing crafts, and learning to sew - by goes by a lot slower when you're sewing by hand and giving each stitch your full attention.  I am praying for a sewing machine for Christmas.

Yesterday I tried a new craft. I found the idea here.  It's adorable, and inexpensive!  I used acrylic craft paint ($1 at Dollarama) and a rubber stamp ($1 for a pack of 10 stamps at Dollarama) to stamp "Sweet Baby" onto one of W's onesies (on hand), set it with a 50% water, 50% vinagre solution, and dried it on high heat in the drier to make the paint permanent.  Voila! Super cute, affordable, personalized baby-wear!  Now I want to go buy more white onesies and rubber stamps and maybe use this as a Christmas gift idea for the other little boys in my life.♥♥

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