Monday, 23 November 2009

5 Sleeps

Friday and Saturday are our move-dates.  I can't wait, but I'm still not especially motivated to pack.  We've done what feels like most of the packing, but I have a feeling that there is more left than meets the eye. 

There are boxes everywhere, filled with the things we've resorted to living without this week - extra clothes, blankets & towels; DVDs, toys, and 99% of the books; baking pans and small mixing appliances; half of our cleaning products.  We aren't buying new groceries this week in an effort to use up what's in the cupboard so we don't have to pack that, too.

With all of the stuff in piles of boxes lining the walls of our living room, kitchen, and bedroom (and really, that's all the space there is), it is becoming a little...stuffy in here.  The walls really are closing in, they're just made out of cardboard and filled with stuff to bring with us.  We've used up all the space I know how without completely blocking our way to the things we still need - like the bed, the bathroom, the couch, and the kitchen.

I'm so excited to get into the townhouse and start setting up.  That's always my favourite part of moving - making the space my own; organizing my belongings, and with them, my thoughts.  I'm also super excited to do my Christmas decorating! Our first Christmas as a family means we get to buy our own Christmas tree; lights; ornaments;...I will get to making our stockings eventually...but I don't think it will happen for this Christmas.

I'm also excited to be participating in The Benner Daily's Ornament Exchange...exchanging a $10-ish ornament with a partner.  It will be neat to have a unique ornament to hang on our tree.

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