Monday, 9 May 2011

I hope all you mothers had a lovely mother's day. We spent the day at my parents, celebrating both mother's day and my dad's birthday with steak, shrimp, and ribs, salad, rolls, and great company.

The Wiggle loved playing with the bubbles in the yard, and spent a great deal of the day squealing with delight. Which is a delight for me.

No pictures today, though, since I forgot my camera at home.

...speaking of cameras, I've been thinking of making the dslr plunge...if you have one, what brand/features do you love?

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  1. I have a Canon xSi that came with a kit lens, but I bought a Tamron lens for it that I pretty much use all the time:) It's great, easy to use and a good starter DSLR. My parents have a Nikon, which are also awesome DSLRs! Each brand has many models depending on what you're looking for!



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