Friday, 22 April 2011

God is in my Cheering Section

Do you ever get tired of all the work you do going unnoticed? Of your behind-the-scenes efforts being outshined by those in the spotlight? Of working tirelessly without much hope of recognition?

I've been there. Scratch that. I AM there.

I work for my church two mornings a week. I don't get much recognition for the work I do, although I know what I do is appreciated greatly - especially by those with whom I work in direct contact on a regular basis. That's not what I'm talking about, though.

I'm talking about the day in - day out, all day and all night job of being a parent. Do your kids ever look you in the eyes and say, "Wow, Mom! Thanks for doing my laundry!" or "I really appreciate the effort you put into making nurtritious meals for us so we grow strong and healthy." or "I know you don't love cleaning the bathroom, but thank you for doing it anyway, so that we can learn about the importance of taking care of the things God has entrusted to us."

Most days, it doesn't bother me that my two-year-old (almost) doesn't show many signs of gratefulness. Other days it's all I can do to feel like what I'm doing makes any difference. But I know that what I do today won't necessarily show it's effects or get it's respects in the short term. I do know that the Wiggle will grow up knowing that I care about him, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally. It may be decades before he really realizes how much effort I put into making sure he has the best childhood I can give him, and even if he never does, God knows.

The Bible Study I attend recently talked about the Truth "God is Always Watching." He knows how hard I work. He knows how much I hate cooking, but put the effort in for my family. He knows how it breaks my heart when the Wiggle bites his tongue or stubs his little toes, and how frustrated I get when he throws his sixth fit in forty minutes.

God knows the good and the bad and he's in my cheering section. He wants me to succeed and rejoices with me when I do. He extends his grace when I mess everything up, allowing forgiveness, and usually another try with the exact.same.circumstance all over again. And with Him on my side, I have all the recognition I need. I mean, if the God of the Universe is watching me with delighted interest, why do I need a pat on the back from people around me?

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