Friday, 30 April 2010

moving. again.

We got notice today that our friends who own the house we live in are selling it.  They're not able to swing it financially any more, and so we are in the market for a new living arrangment.  Again. 

It makes my heart stick in my chest, because I hate the process of finding somewhere suitable for our family.  Weighing kitchen size and natural light and walking-distance and costs.  Pros and cons lists for every place.  STRESS.

God has a place for us.  I guess it's just not here anymore. :(

1 comment:

  1. Heather, just as you said, God has a place for you. Have no fear that you will be overwhelmed by this. God will use this to show you that all you have to do is follow His leading. I think that every time we are put in a situation that stresses us, God is shaping us into the people He desires us to be. This will be a wonderful adventure for you, God has a perfect plan for you and your family! BTW, super cute little boy!



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