Friday, 30 October 2009

Back to Square One

Oh boy.  I suppose they call it a challenge for a reason.  It was challenging.  Many days I thought, "Well, I didn't stick to the challenge at all today.  Maybe tomorrow, but probably not - maybe I should just jump off the wagon altogether, and try to catch the next one that comes around."  Things just didn't go the way I had hoped.

As I finally begin to settle into this new "family life routine", it is getting easier to plan for time set aside, but easier is not easy.  So for November, I'm going to challenge myself again.  But I think I'll start with one thing at a time.

My goal for November is to spend each morning-nap time in Fellowship.  With Jesus and/or with His people.  That means I take at least 15 minutes each day to intentionally get near His heart.  Whether it's through worship and the Word, or praise and laundry, or prayer and conversation, I want to spend 15 solid minutes focussed on HIM.  My sense, then, is that from those 15 minutes, a Day with Jesus will naturally spill forth.  As I make this my habit, may He increase my desire and my committment to our time together.

We are working on getting a Wii.  And then we'll go out and get the Wii Fit.  I am looking forward to having this system to coach me through some exercise, and hopefully have it be a fun challenge.  Exercise will be "Square 2".

On the Menu: Meaty Lasagne  mmmmm.

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