Thursday, 14 October 2010

William's Nursery: Before & After

Things have been busy around here.  And the computer is in the bedroom now, so I'm not sitting at it all day - a good thing for my family, not so great for my blog, but family first, right?

Speaking of family, here are some promised before and after photos of William's room (the only one that's really done - and truthfully I still have a couple of things to hang on the wall and an extension cord to rig up so those lamp and cd player cords aren't slithering up the wall begging to be tugged on by little hands.

 We took down the bunk that was tucked in the "nook" - we found lots of icky stains, and a couple of quarters stuck to the wall.  The paint was over ten years old, and there were a LOT of holes in the walls from screws and nails and tacks.

 We cleaned, patched, primed, and painted walls and ceilings, hung the shelf (IKEA), and the Green Engine (Andrew's from when he was a kid). The toy storage shelf will be painted eventually, but it's been too cold out, and too crowded inside to tackle that project.  Maybe next spring.

Slow and steady wins the race.  


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